Selected works


Donna Drive
Tama Art University / Tokyo, Japan
mixed media

The iPhone is left charging on the floor, on the corner, behind the door, on top of the table.

Donna is the owner of the phone. All the writings are true, either collected from people via social media. Donna is a person who publishes things that are too hard, awkward or just too much to say aloud. She is an excuse.

The writings are located in Google Drive files, which can be entered via QR-code or link.

Concept: Miradonna Sirkka
Texts: Miradonna Sirkka & 57 anonymous writers from all over the world

A trick performed from very far away

Site-specific performance
REDI rooftop, Helsinki, Finland
Performers: Emmi Myrskog, Miina Penttinen, Anna Pesonen, Maiju Saarimaa

Screen Shot 2019-12-11 at 14.54.36.png

The audience stands still on the rooftop. They are waiting for something to happen. After a while, there is something in the horizon

The sound goes on
Nothing happens
Something happens
They are gone


Living Like There Is No Tomorrow

3 channel video, 7 min
Sound: Aleksi Kinnunen Speech: Nora Rose, Lyrics: Miradonna Sirkka

Locations: Finland (Kittilä, Helsinki), Spain (Fuengirola), Greece (Athens), Sweden (Stockholm), Germany (Berlin), USA (San Francisco)
Videos shot by the one who was there.


“Living like there is no tomorrow” is a compilation of videos shot in different environments using hoops / plastic tubes. The project is about facing the climate crisis and inner conflict trough individuals’ eyes in different kinds of environments.

How to be a better version of yourself every day? It is a comment about an individual trying to achieve everything, while not getting anywhere. All good, let’s move on. Carpe Diem and goodbye.

For the full video contact


The Artist Talk


Screen Shot 2019-12-06 at 14.25.34.png

Choose the topic, ask institutions as hosts, book the biggest auditorium you can get.
And the show goes on.

Who has the responsibility of public talks?


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