Balancing the city residency

Copenhagen project: Gone fishing
Circles, spirals, tubes, metal, plastic all over. Aerialist climbed up to the rusty tower to go fishing with plastic tubes and spirals. The work is inspired by the idea of balancing communication between people. Soundscape is collected from interviews with people of Copenhagen.

Recover Labortory Joy of Spleen / Suomenlinna / Helsinki

>>>Spleen (french) is the melancholy of a modern (privileged) human; a collective and simultaneously excruciatingly private feeling. It is a form of boredom, sorrow, detachment, helplessness and insignificance; parallel to an ongoing, permanent, personal catastrophe. It is grey and deep blue, almost black but never quite.<<<

Recover Laboratory’s Joy of Spleen is an IMMERSIVE live-installation, a RITUAL-like performance FLOWING into the TUNNELS of Suomenlinna Castle Island. 4-5.11.2017.


Kajaanista kuuhun – drums & hoop manipulation with Sofi Häkkinen and Aleksi Kinnunen 24.8.2017 at Mattolaituri, Helsinki. Teaser

Recover Laboratory pitching in Subcase 2017

Recover Laboratory – Joy of Spleen premiere in Stockholm Fringe Festival 2017

Starting the Master degree of Visual culture and contemporary art in Aalto university 2017

Chocolate hoop demo at Cirko festival 2017

Windchimes residency at Cirko coming up autumn 2018

You can see my new hula hoop manipulation video here.