b. 1991 Rovaniemi, Finland
Works in Helsinki and Northern Finland

2020 Master degree of Visual Culture and Curating Contemporary Art, Aalto University
2019 Master exchange, Media Art, Tama Art University, Tokyo
2011-2015  Turku University of Applied sciences, Performing arts, Circus
2010-2011 Finnish Theatre Academy, Tampere

Selected works
2020 Excuse, a participatory performance for one person, Galleria D15, HKI, FI
2020 Site-specific hoop manipulation performance for one person at a time, Taidelahjat/Helsingin Juhlaviikot,  FI
2020 Donna Drive, participatory Live-stream performance Facebook-live, Playdate Remote, Kaiken Keskus, FI
2019 Living  like there is no tomorrow, video installation
Pyhimys feat Recover Laboratory, live performance in rap concert Tampere-Talo FI
2018 Gone Fishing – Immersive plastic tube and sound installation, Copenhagen International Theatre, Balancing the city residency, DK/FI 
2018 Move it! -festival, Copenhagen International Theatre, Kajaanista kuuhun, DK
2018 Interactive journey with hoops + crane, An Evening with Recover LaboratoryBaltic Circle festival, CIRKO, FI
2018 Artist Talk, Performance about awkwardness and responsibility of the audience and performer, Aalto Festival, FI
2018  A Journey between realities, AR & Immersive installation, Helsinki Design week
2018 Kajaanista kuuhun,  Hoop manipulation,Kajaanin Runoviikot, directed by visual artist Sofi Häkkinen, FI
2017 Performer in Escape Train / InsideOut (with VR, TBWA and 20th Century Fox), Helsinki-Rovaniemi, FI
2017 Recover Laboratory – Joy of Spleen, aerial chains and hoop manipulation, SWE/FI
2017 Kellohalli, Teurastamo, Aerial chains
2017 Recover Laboratory – Joy of Spleen – installation, MOW-opening event
2017 Recover Laboratory + Serot band live, aerial chains
2017 Arabia street art festival –  hoop manipulation
2017 Chocolate hoop – installation, demo at Cirko Festival, Recover Laboratory
2017 The tight wire, hoop manipulation & sculptures installation series with Sofi Häkkinen
2017 Freelancer circus artist, hoop manipulation performances in various events, e.g. Rovaniemi city theatre, wedding ceremony Sri Lanka
2016-2017 Hoop manipulation performance, Mönttilaiva, Viaporin Kekri, Suomenlinna
2016 Aerial chains acrobat, Recover Laboratory
2015 Circus artist, clownery, Something about fragments, directed by Nina Ervasti, Köysiteatteri, FI
2015 Circus artist, Ronja Rövardöttern, Åbo Svenska Teatern, directed by Fiikka Forsman
2014- Performer, Firecircus Circas
2013 Circus artist, acrobatics and aerial chains, contemporary circus performance TuTut
2012 Circus character, Rölli and the golden Key movie, Matila-Röhr productions
2012 Performer, cross-disciplinary Theaterproject BämBämBäm, Köysiteatteri, FI
2011 Soloproject PilviLinna, aerial chains and loop straps
2011- Circus performer in plenty of events, e.g. Turku the Capital of culture 2011 
2008-2009 Circus artist (acrobatics, group acrobatics, aerial swing), Talven Taikapyörä, Rovaniemi municipal theatre
1998-2010 Performer, The Finnish youth circus Festivals (solo and group) Christmas and spring shows in youth circus Sirkus Taika-Aika


2018 Recover Laboratory – Underneath, Meilahti, FI
2016– Co-founder & director of Recover Laboratory company
2016 Recover Laboratory, Viikinmäki, FI
2014 Cleopatra’s dinner, director, performed in the arts academy of Turku, FI
2013 Director and producer, contemporary circus performance, performed e.g.  Logomo, Future circus, FI
2008 – Circus teacher, various youth circuses in Finland and abroad (Berlin, New York, Delaware)


2020 Surrender Surrender? PRAXIS group exhibition, Exhibition Laboratory, FI

ISTU, Istanbul Contemporary art group exhibition, TR

2018 The reflection of you, Group exhibition. Immersion, Art House Aalto University, FI
2017 Mitä susta jää? – Light installation. Group exhibition at Lantern park, LUX Helsinki, FI

Residencies and workshops

2018 Balancing the city residency, Metropolis Kobenhavn International Theatre, DK
2018 100 000 000% concert for hoops and drums and windchimes residency in Cirko, FI
2018 Recover Laboratory residency, Sirkus Faktori, FI
2018 Hoops & drums residency in Katapult Berlin, DE
2017 Hoop juggling classes, Die Etage, Berlin, DE
2017 Juggling and existence masterclass, Jean Daniel Fricker, Katapult Berlin, DE
2016 Balancing masterclass, Strasbourg, FR
2013 Internship, circus teacher, Zirkus Cabuwazi, Berlin, DE

Awards & Grants

2020 Helsinki City for the Evening Walk
2019 Taike Arts Promotion Center, for 100 000 000 %
2019 Helsingin Kaupunki, for 100 000 000 %
2019 Kulturfonden travel grant
2018 Helsinki City for Underneath
2017 Sirkusinfo Finland Nuoramentors production award
2017 Stockholm Fringe Festival Festival Spirit award, SWE
2017 Stockholm Fringe Festival: Nominated for Grand Prix, Joy of Spleen (Recover Laboratory)
2016 Finnish Cultural Foundation for Recover Laboratory

Publications and talks
2020 Satans Asshole zine with Sofi Häkkinen
2020 Master thesis ”Awkwardness as a tool in my artistic practice
2020 Performing Arts during the lockdown Sirkusinfo and Dance info Finland


Hoop manipulation performance,
Helsingin Sanomat:

Living like there is no tomorrow videinstallation in Surrender Surrender? Exhibition EDIT Journal:

Recover Laboratory, Underneath, a labyrinth under the ground: Helsingin Sanomat

Recover Laboratory labyrinth in Viikinmäki, Helsingin Uutiset