Recover Laboratory is a multi art company from Helsinki, Finland. We create unique performances, art experiences and immersive worlds with contemporary circus, art, music, and other medias. Our artworks are site-specific, enormous labyrinth-like mega-performances, children’s immersive wonderlands, or smaller performances for traditional stages.

Our core team consists of Miradonna Sirkka, Inna Huttunen and Sofi Häkkinen, who design all the art works and productions of Recover Laboratory. Sofi, Inna and Miradonna share an optimistic and determined mindset. If we don’t know what to do, we will find out.

We build frameworks where we – along with the audience – can explore the world and being in the world. A reason behind our artworks is honesty; connecting with people in the freedom provided by art. Anything is possible in our art works; just like everything is possible in an ordinary day. We see the extraordinary in nothingness.

Your experience with us can be gentle or harsh, bizarre or detached, challenging or soft; it can go as far as you want. Let’s go together.

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