Interactive installation + video

An old computer asks a question ”What was the last thing you left unsaid?
The anonymous answers pops up as a projection on the wall.

Presented in multiple events with Recover Laboratory 

The same idea has been presented as a sound installation. The answers have been sent by voice messages and placed on top of a sound scape.

Public spaces are filled with thoughts that only one person can hear. The space between the ceiling and corners of a metro station is filled with unfinished thoughts, intimate messages covered with stickers of the smartphones. I am waiting for the metro and writing in whatsapp. My face says nothing. I am totally silent outside. Those messages are always there. Even when I am with someone just two of us those conversations keep on going. Be here and there. It has never been so easy. 

The public space is a chaos that is conquered with private discussions: ideas, thoughts, minds, questions, screams inside, our whatsapp conversations, instagram stories. All these are floating somewhere in public space. Here is one medium of what one person heard somewhere at sometime. It is something between me and you. That is the only inner chaos that someone is experiencing. All those layers of sounds, conversations, thoughts, touch, space and breath are always filtered by someone. 

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