Recover Laboratory created a 2 km long journey under the ground in the huge caves under a waster water treatment plant in Viikinmäki in Helsinki. The art-labyrinth was a holistic multidisciplinary performance, that still carried the name Recover Laboratory back then. After this performance we formed the Recover Laboratory organization, taking the original name of the labyrinth for our multi-artistic company.

Recover Laboratory in Viikinmäki was a continuum for Recover Laboratory in Turku, the previous year. Themes of breaking the fourth wall, connecting with the audience, creating an immersive environment and giving the audience the responsibility for their own experience were in the core of this production.

More info and crew

Read more about the labyrinth in Viikinmäki at Helsingin Uutiset (in Finnish), (in Finnish), or at Lights & Music blog (in Finnish).

Supported by Finnish Cultural Foundation

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