Set up for my plastic tube performance

Recover Laboratory On The Roof was a commissioned work for Oijoijoi contemporary circus festival in Tampere Finland. On The Roof was based on the Evening walk where the participants walk trough a route filled with artworks in public space. This time the route went trough old industrial Finlayson area in Tampere and ended up on top of an old factory building.

Date: 4.09.2021
Concept: Recover Laboratory / Sofi Häkkinen, Miradonna Sirkka, Inna Huttunen
Performers: Anna Kankila, Monia Tietue Kimara, Samuli Kivelä, Rae Reinvall, Miradonna Sirkka
Technician: Arto Kostet

Webpage of the festival

Monia Tietue Kimara performing
Rae Reinvall at the runtrough
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