Photo: Sofi Häkkinen

One Hundred Million Percent by Recover Laboratory is a reality show for the black box – refereed by a visual artist. The show has absorbed inspiration from, among other things, reality TV. The contestants take the stage to compete for attention – both from the audience and from the referee – and they do indeed give one hundred million percent. The competitor’s instruments in this absurd competition are hoops and drums.

The artwork gives the viewer an accurate collection of momentum, embarrassment, reality, surrealism, beauty, boring stuff, solidarity, and both meditative and horrific situations. Among all the chaos and the incidental curse words, the visual artist sees beauty in the process – and perhaps not so much in the outcome. She makes the performers compete against each other, occasionally taking impulses from the audience as well.

One Hundred Million Percent draws from the themes of social media, reality tv stardom, likes, clicks, and attention. The aim is to reveal a world that is more gentle, emphatic, and vulnerable, than the one people show on social media. With the tactics of performance art, and the group’s strong base in interactive and immersive art, this experience aims to show the audience a side of our reality and dreams that is often hidden behind the screen.

Each performance is its own episode. Each performance tour is its own season.

Dossier for the artwork can be found here.

One Hundred Million Percent Crew
Director/referee: Sofi Häkkinen
Performers/competitors: Miradonna Sirkka, Aleksi Kinnunen
Producer: Inna Huttunen
Light Design: Alina Pajula
Costume design: Hanna Herva
Artistic mentorin: Jarkko Lehmus

Photo: Sofi Häkkinen
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