MANGLE – performance for one human and five mangels

Grandma’s smooth bed sheets, attraction of the mangles and slime squeezing between rollers. These are the elements that are organized on stage to create an utopia in which pleasing order and eternal chaos rotate. The audience gets to relax with the steady hum and slowness of the mangles.

Have mangles really become useless machines or have we just missed their full potential while being scared of our fingers getting crushed? Have we just focused on targeting strict patriarchal order to get a sensation of control in this chaotic world?

The MANGLE performance combines traditional use of the mangle machines, ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response), contemporary circus, object theater, live art and plasticine.

Directing, concept, production Meri-Maija Näykki
Lighting and space design Alina Pajula 
Music and sound design Markus Tapio
Performer Miradonna Sirkka 
Costumes Mynthon Wall

The team combines their professional skills and works in an equal manner where all authors produce content for the performance.

The piece is created in the residencies of TTT and Cirko – center for new circus.
Founders: Finnish Cultural Foundation, Arts Promotion Center of Finland & Samuel Huber foundation.

Photos: Kari Sunnari / TTT

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