Kajaanista Kuuhun / Recover Laboratory
Stage performance
Duration 10-15 minutes
Performed in various events in Finland and abroad 2017-2021
Performers: Miradonna Sirkka, Aleksi Kinnunen
Outsider eye: Sofi Häkkinen

Golden metallic hoops clatter ferociously with the boundless drumming and the spinning of the spiral plastic tubes. The two performers move fiercely on the stage, at times softly focusing on nothing but each other, and at times wildly running around.

Kajaanista Kuuhun combines hoop manipulation and live drums, directed by a visual artist. It is a dispute between the two performers and their respective equipments. It is an imaginary journey from the small Finnish town of Kajaani, all the way to the Moon. During the journey we experience long limbs, loss of gravity, moonquakes, rattle and electric shocks.

The tension between sound and movement can be so intense that it is impossible to separate the two. Similarly, the performers work as a unit, taking different kinds of roles fluidly during the performance, and carrying it forth together. The performers are consciously letting go of the artist’s self-censorship and self-consciousness.


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