Performer: Aleksi Kinnunen / Janne Masalin Band Photo: Tomaz Sekular

Site-specific, walking performance created in the midst of the pandemic

Watch the trailer on Youtube.

Evening Walk is Recover Laboratory’s beloved immersive labyrinth brought into the daylight and into the public space. Evening Walk is an answer to the pandemic and the new social and physical restrictions we are facing. It takes the form of a mellow evening walk with social distancing. The artwork consists of a route and a map – each participant goes on the journey alone at their own specific time slot. Along the walk, they encounter performers, scenes, and artworks. All the scenes are woven together by a live-streamed soundscape, that everyone from performers to participants listen to at the same time. During this evening walk you will encounter contemporary circus, visual arts, performance, music, and dance.

Our experimental performances have always been based on contact, encountering humanity, listening, and being seen. We provide real human connection in the freedom of art. One of our important themes is the very humane need to be seen by others, a certain sense of community. In this artwork, contact is based on speech, sight, body movements and communication devices. The small scenes are entwined together on this surreal evening walk, where the familiar city offers something more and presents itself in a new light, opening up new pathways in one’s mind.

The Evening Walk is possible to perform in any city, preferably in cooperation with a local artist/artists.

Direction and production: Sofi Häkkinen, Miradonna Sirkka and Inna Huttunen
Artistic team: Aleksi Kinnunen, Anna Pesonen, Anna Valpuri Kankila, Annemari Kiviniemi, Hedda Liukkala, Eeva Lietonen, Iida-Liina Linnea, Janne Masalin, Jenny Mansikkasalo, Lauri Kallio, Miina Penttinen, Geoffrey Erista and Samuli Kivelä
Partners: Kaiken Keskus, ProPadel, Harju8, Hesari18, Helsinki City

Performer: Anna Pesonen Photo: Tomaz Sekular

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