Photo: Esther Wrobel

HANG OUT! Was a site-specific commissioned work by Metropolis Kobenhanvs International Theatre in 2020-2021. There were 8 performances 26-29.8.2021.

Six international circus artists, all working with aerial acrobatics and balance, created a performance especially for Bellahøj’s buildings and architecture.
Through a series of small physical scenarios, the artists lead the audience around Bellahøj’s striking apartment blocks and let us experience the area from new perspectives. The artists play with our earthbound senses and make us question what is up and down, high and low, near and far, ordinary and extraordinary. The performance was developed by the six artists on site through intense residencies over a period of one year.

Artists: Eliška Brtnická (CZ), Esther Wrobel (DK), Gemma Palomar (ES), Mette Overgaard (DK), Miradonna Sirkka (FI) and Nadine O Garra (UK/FR)
Sound: Dave Black
Production: Metropolis Theatre

Photo: Marine Gastineau / Metropolis
Photo: Marine Gastineau / Metropolis
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