Donna Drive / installation
Exhibited in Media Art Master’s exhibition at Tama Art University December 2019.

Donna Drive is a forgotten iPhone and archive.

“Do you know that one iPhone that is left to charge in a random power outlet in public. You can not help yourself, your eyes shift to the screen when a preview of a message pops up. That is Donna’s iPhone. Through the phone, you can enter Donna’s life: her Google Drive, Instagram, photos, everything. Donna publishes the texts you did not dare.“

Donnas Drive was inspired by the social behaviours that I have noticed in Finland and then also during my exchange time in Tokyo. I find that there were some similarities in social behaviour that disturbed me, such as avoiding conflict and hiding ones opinions.

Donna is publishing things that are left unsaid or left hanging in the air. Donna is a writer and her texts are published in her Google Drive folders. Some of the texts are written by me, some are collected from people and some are written together with the participants during the live-stream performance. The collection includes over 200 texts and photos.

Link to the collection up on request.

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