Performance on a roof top of a shopping mall Redi, Helsinki. 8.5.2019.

The participants enter to the rooftop. They are told to look around to the horizon. Slowly the music goes on and the horizon starts to wake up. There are performers slowly popping up in different locations very far. There are binoculars circulating in the audience. The performers play a choreography made for specific space.

Monia Tietue Kimara
Inna Huttunen
Emmi Myrskog
Maiju Saarimaa

Sometimes I go to places and the sound goes on. There is a sudden performance where no one actually realises that they are performing. Someone is the audience and someone is the performer. The situation changes all the time. The real world mixes up with the imagination and suddenly I have no idea what is real and what is not. I call it a cartoon world. It lasts around 10 minutes and then it stops. Everything goes back to normal. The sound goes off.

I go to the supermarket. My partner tells me he wants to separate. And the sound goes on. 

Did you notice there was a person with a yellow jacket?  

Did you notice someone was smiling? 

Have you seen the sunlight from the window? 

I take a flight to California. I am climbing up on a track next to the waterfall. And the sound goes on. 

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